Hiker Questions

Can hikers bring their dogs/pets out on the trail?

  • We initially thought this might be an option, but the more we talked through it, there are just a ton of issues that are opened up when hikers are permitted to bring their own dogs since it would be effectively impossible for us to control for the number of dogs out there with us.  Also, assuming that we’d have a number of hikers bringing their dogs if we opened it up to that (keeping in mind that we’ll have roughly 60 hikers), we’ve got to worry about the potential that one or more of the animals would get into a fight and injure one another.  Finally, we’re planning to have medics out on the trail with us for the duration of the event, but we want to make sure that they are 100% focused on hikers.  In the instance that a dog got injured in some other way (i.e. foot/leg injury, attacked/fight with an indigenous animal, eats something poisonous, etc.), we’d have to allocate valuable resources and time to assisting that animal, rather than hikers.  We really like the idea of having a dog or two out on the trail, and I’m not ruling it out for future years.  For now, though, we want to keep things as simple as possible and the risk of bringing dogs just adds too much complexity.

Is there a pace that we should be training for?

  • We’ll expect everyone to be able to sustain about 3 mph while we’re out on the trail.  At that pace, we’ll be able to cover the required distances for each of the days and reach the stopping points, eat and set up camp before it gets dark.

Is there a minimum pack weight?

  • Our advice is to pack as light as you can, because we’ll be planning to cover a significant distance on each day, we’ll need to keep a good pace.  With that in mind, we don’t want anyone being unnecessarily weighed down by an overly heavy pack.  We’ll publish a packing list for general guidance, but think ultra-light and only plan to bring the essentials.

Will there be medical care available on the trail?

  • Yes.  We’ll have medics with us on the trail for the duration of the hike and at each of the overnight stops we’ll have medical stations set up to check hikers out for any injuries, etc.

How much food should we plan to carry?

  • Expect to provide for your own lunches and intermittent snacks while out on the trail.  Both breakfast and dinner will be provided each of the days that we’re out.

How much water should we plan to carry?

  • This is dependent on each hiker’s preferences and individual needs, but we’ll probably suggest that each hiker start out from each water refill station with between 3-4L on their person.  We’ll be staging a water buffalo intermittently throughout the course and our goal is probably going to be keeping the water stations at no more than an 8-mile interval, so 4L is probably as much as anyone will need, even given the fact that we’ll be hiking in mid-May.  That said, this is something that you will need to gauge for yourself and test out in training hikes beforehand.  Staying hydrated is crucial, so know yourself and make sure that you feel comfortable that you won’t run out.
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